I having been having this dream that keeps reoccurring of a friend who is a soldier and has been declared missing for over 2years now in real life but ever since I heard about his disappearance I have been seeing him in my dreams always trying to be around me and it has been disturbing.

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11 months

Intercession is needed. We wrestle not against flesh& blood

11 months

Reoccurring dreams means it needs to be addressed urgently. Pray and fast for a revelation.

Tobi Flamez Joshua
11 months

@Toyin_Wind Of Change yes he was assigned to fight Bokoharam. Thanks for the insight.

11 months

I am thinking about your dream because it is a recurring dream this make it very important to pay attention to. I am believing God with you for the interpretation. I have a ideal but really needs the Holy Spirit to interpret this. We definitely want accuracy. I will be sure to post if get anything on this dream.

11 months

not super clear what you mean but it sounds like a call to intercede

Toyin_Wind Of Change
11 months

I have no idea of how soldiers are found in real life when they go missing. You may have touched you when you heard he was missing and you probably wondered how he got missing. Did he go to war? Well, let me put that aside and continue as it flows... If you are constantly having recurring dreams about him wanting to be around you... He either trusts you to follow up on his case. I’ve tried to type words here about 4 times now, please let me continue this later...pray for him, wherever he is there shall be a releasing! He shall be remembered like Joseph in the bible, someone remembered the dreamer when the King was troubled. Joseph was in prison when he was remembered so wherever the soldier is he will be remembered! If he has been falsely locked away because of activities in the army then there shall be confusion in the camp. Pray for your friend, pray for God to give you the authority in dreams. Move in knowledge and revelations in the mighty name of Jesus. Pray the prayer in Daniel for God to reveal hidden secrets in these times and seasons. Pray to God for more parts of the dream and lift him and his family in prayers 🙏🏽