Prophecy: Jonah’s, the prepared, and the positioned church.

While studying this week, the Lord reminded me of a phrase that came out of my mouth a couple months ago around Easter Sunday (resurrection day). The Lord said, “the Jonahs are being spit out. Messengers of mine who have just come out of a season of rebellion and disobedience, will be spit out where I commanded them to go in the first place.” “Many of them have considered themselves ‘Jobs’, while suffering in the belly of that ‘whale’ I had them swallowed by.” They have been a Jonah in my eyes, stubborn but chosen by Me.” By their appearance and My word in their mouths, a wave of repentance and healing WILL hit America.” It will get worse the next few months, but ‘I’ will break in and establish righteousness and justice in the land soon enough.” and, “I AM preparing My church for the coming harvest. Realigning and positioning each part of the body accordingly. Honor will be restored to My name among the nations.”

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Taiwo A
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Amen 🙏🏽