⚠️Prophetic Discernment Alert⚠️
Watch video below. Then pray about the following terms:
*Peace Palace
👉Use your "eagle eyes"

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about 1 year

Unfortunately many christians have fallen into this new age deception.Recently l saw an African head of state holding a national day of prayer to pray for Covid 19.I was very excited thinking that at least some head of states have got it right.He had invited all religions to the National prayers that was broadcasted to the Nation live on TV.What shocked me is when some Pentecostal preachers prayed to Jesus at the same time praying to Alah .I was left wondering what was the point of calling a Nation to prayer if they are pray to different God’s on TV.I keep asking myself if the president was aware of what was happening.May God have mercy on us.

about 1 year

The propserity preachers did the same thing back in the 90's, making an agreement with the Vatican. They put this in motion a long time ago. This is exactly why the New Age teaching is creeping into the charismatic churches and prosperity churches, they are teaching we are "little gods" and that Jesus isn't the Only Begotten Son of God, he was just the first. And churches like Bethel are teaching astral projection, vibrations, "Christian tarot card readings", angel encounters as spirit guides. The world is being groomed to believe that man is Divine, the same lie Satan tempted Eve with "you shall be like God".

about 1 year

@Tomi Arayomi

Lindsay Bailey
about 1 year

Very interesting 🤔 thanks for sharing.