The pictures below describe a dream I had about a month and a half ago. It stood out very much to me.

I used to attend a Church on the outskirts of London. This was the first place I had ever encountered the prophetic and I still remember the goosebumps I felt when my Pastor gave me three words of knowledge in one day. It was a shock to me. At the time, my Pastor used to prophesy that an imminent revival was coming to the UK and that one of the signs of this would be that the Shekinah Glory of God would be seen in the Church. He said the weight of God's glory would be visible like a cloud or fog but on the ground and it would be so thick that it would be able to be felt. I had never heard anything like this and was eagerly waiting. When I spoke to other Christians and Pastors outside the Church, they said that the Shekinah is not something we should care about in this new covenant and this was a nuance to what I had initially been told. I wondered what the truth behind this mysterious phenomenon was.

Due to circumstances, I ended up leaving the Church and I became more skeptical as to whether or not some of the things that had been prophesied, like the Shekinah Glory would come to pass and were they to, I probably would not be there to see them. I stopped thinking this phenomenon.

This was until many months later, where I was watching one of the early episodes of On the Table, where the Apostles were describing a phenomenon which took place for three years in one of the Churches they had planted in Northampton which was uncannily akin to what my prophetic Pastor had prophesied in my old Church. This was not the first time I had heard something acutely coherent from Apostle Tomi and a Man of God as at the end of 2018, a specific word about Nigeria which Apostle Tomi had given was very oddly consistent with what another Pastor whose church I had visited about a month earlier had prophesied which I may speak about in another post.

After I had heard about this 'cloud' appearing in church services again from On the Table, I began searching the Internet for more testimonies about this, specifically from the people who attended in Northampton as if was said to have caused a commotion in the area. I even tried to see if it was recorded in any videos. However like with many miracles and mighty works they are part of the list of God's best kept secrets and it seems if you aren't there to see it, you won't find much about it. I was still very much more enthusiastic.

Then I had this dream and the only way I could explain the second part was this 'Shekinah Glory' or 'cloud covering'. I wasn't entirely sure what to believe about, it but the three conclusions I was coming to were these:

1) Something was about to happen in RIG Nation that I had to actively to pursue and be vigilant of in order to receive.

2) Perhaps this 'cloud' or 'glory' would appear during one of the streams.

3) It wasn't going to be something I could come back and see later. Only those 'present' were going to receive (this was corroborated by the fact that shortly after, much of the content became exclusive)

I knew I had to be more invested in whatever God was doing here so I joined the SOAP and getting an activation partner after a post looking for one. It was during a phone call with my current activation partner, where she told me she had been present at the Northampton revival, and I asked her about this Shekinah, Kavod, cloud (I don't know what to call it) that she further confirmed this event.

Stay hungry people, remain invested into RIG. God is doing something here and is manifesting more and more by the day.

Whether or not the dream was a prophesy of this 'cloud covering' appearing in a stream I don't know. I hope to see it one day. But one ne thing I do know is this: God is moving here and Apostle Tomi is doing His work.

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David Ben Elohim
8 months

@lmacc14 no I'm not sure but I know this happened years ago

8 months

This is the first time that i've heard about a glory cloud begin present in a Northampton church and I live there! I will definately try to find out more about this. Do you know the name of the church?

David Ben Elohim
8 months

@laurnahs8 Praise God

8 months

For the past few months it’s like Holy Spirit kept putting songs about the glory of God in my head.. I didn’t pay any attention until he got my attention. I believe God’s Shekinah will be seen. I’ve been telling people that it would of happened on Pentecost Sunday.. I was disappointed when what I expected didn’t happen.. then... I heard in my spirit that it will still be seen and felt, but not how we expect it to. The Glory of the Lord will be seen And the Glory of the latter house will be greater than the former... Praise God...👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽