Hello Everyone! Can anyone explain this...
I was in a building ( like a hotel or really big house) it had many rooms.
I walked into a room which belonged to a nice lady, it was very futuristic and it had blue lights moving all around. The blue lights were valuable, it was like I was seeing inside her brain and she had ideas or intelligence that was beyond normal. She was trying to explain it to me. I just remember being overwhelmed with what I saw and scared that people would try to break in because it seemed too valuable.
I left the room and wandered into other rooms where family members were...
that’s all I can remember.

I had this dream 2 nights ago but I can’t seem to shake of the good feeling / vibe I got from that blue room.

Hope someone can interpret. 😊

Thank you and God bless you.

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@favouredruth.funmi yes I will, thank you.

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@Toyin_Wind Of Change thank you

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Futuristic also sounds like, some of the revelation, insight and wisdom God is releasing to you is not just for now, it is also for days and possibly years to come.

I feel like God wants to also prefer solutions through you that will bless others. I’ll encourage you to also ask him for divine ideas , strategies and insights that will bless not just you but the world around you.

Guard your secret place jealousy in this season and please journal your thoughts and ideas. Don’t discard them as vague or impossible. God is calling you into greater things.


Toyin_Wind Of Change
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John 14:2

2 In My Father’s house are many [a]mansions; if it were not so, [b]I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

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Thank you so much, I truly feel this is true.

Yes, I have been asking and believing God for new revelation.

I am always excited when I remember my experience in that room. 😊

Karen RJ
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A Hotel is symbolic of you in a place of transitioning, or temporary place, place to relax or receive. The color Blue represents revelation, and communion. Lights are symbolic of God or the word of God.
This appears to be a dream where God is about to take you to a place of new revelation, new ideas and Godly wisdom as you communion with Him. He wants to meet you in a Special place for you all to communion with one another, away from everyone else so He can show you some new things. Have you been asking for new revelation or Godly wisdom?