You and I that have received the Gospel have become the Church of God when we receive the Spirit of God through believing the death and resurrection of the Son (Christ).

We have become one, with the Spirit Of Grace. and that makes us Children of Grace, for where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Meaning there is freedom from bondage wherever the Sons of God are.

We do not Lack direction, fo the Spirit is our leader to walk in God's plan and Purpose for us.

Now we are the Direction of men Who wants Life abundantly, through our representation of Christ on earth.

We are the Light of the world, a City set on the Hill (world) that can not be hidden.

We are saviours of our generation. The Church which is You and I in Christ.

Let the Father reach the world through you and Let the Spirit minister to the saints through you as you behold Jesus and Transcend from the physical gratifications into the Spiritual realities in Christ.

Do you believe you are justified by the finished works of Christ?

do you know that the Spirit of God is within You to revealed the oneness of the Father and Sons in reality?

Do you know that you are not of the earth but of the heavenly whose origin is from God?

Do you know that you are incorruptible and there is no end to the divine life you possess in Christ?

Transcend your mind into His abilities, move from that low life of strive, hatred, envy and evil works.

You are Gods Temple to accommodate that which is of Him and Him alone. You are the reason why the earth exist to experience God's Love and His unselfish personality.

Now I see you walking in Love, power and wisdom as the Spirit of God expresses Himself in you and, through you for Him[Christ].

I Love you from Gods unconditional Love.

Emmanuel Jeremiah ©

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