Woke up with a burden to pray feeling sickness and confusion- this I know isn’t mine but an atmosphere. Declaring clarity the mind of Christ and against occult/new age practices, witchcraft and ancient magics. Singing praises to the King of Kings. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess the name of Jesus

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Lindsay Bailey
6 months

@Amanda thank you for standing with me, the atmosphere shifted as I declared and worshiped the Lord. I can tell when it’s control and witchcraft is in the atmosphere because it has that kind of effect on my body. X

6 months

I have also woken the last few days feeling quite depleted and not wanting to do anything, but was an attack of the enemy. I prayed together with some other pray warriors and the Holy Spirit showed up powerfully and took away the heaviness.

Heavenly Father I pray that you will remove the heaviness and burden from Lindsay and you replace with oil of joy. Father in the name of Jesus, the name that is above every name, I stand in agreement with Lindsay in binding the new age practices, witchcraft and any ancient magic that the enemy has released and I declare that no weapon formed against Lindsay will prevail and every tongue that raises their voice against him/ her will be condemned as Lindsay is your chid and his heritage and serventhood is in you. Father I declare that pour out a fresh anointing upon Lindsay and I asked that you contend with those that contend with Lindsay. Father be as mighty terrible one to the enemies of the cross of Jesus Christ and up hold Lindsay with your right hand of righteousness in Jesus name Amen.🙏🏾