Tue, 11 August 2020
Pray with Pst Sam

Prayer Focus: All things are POSSIBLE
Matt 19:23-26, Rom 4:17-22, Jer 32:27

Praise God, welcome to another day, another time of prayers. It's been prayers of agreement we have been engaging, has we pray corporately over the same thing we are united at heart and God fast tracks the deliveries of our requests.

One of the characteristics of God I have grown up knowing is that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with/for him. He is not limited in capabilities, He can do all things.

God made the heavens and the earth and He made man, and He has pronounced that for any man willing to walk with Him, nothing also shall be impossible to such a man.

This means impossibilities does not exist around God. God looked at darkness and called light out, nothing, no one can ever restrain God, limit God, God is expressive, with Him nothing shall be impossible.

With Him, difficult things had been made easy, you see, you can't walk with God and your attitude won't conform to His, you will start seeing the way out of or into tough and unfriendly situations. Your attitude to life, challenges will change. God robs of on us, the moment you see as God sees, there is no more stopping you.

David killed Goliath, you know why? He has been around God, something has changed about him, there's nothing that can stand in his way now, Caleb and Joshua' attitude was different because they have been around God, imagine Joshua on the mountain with Moses, fellowshiping with God, God has robbed of on him. Absolutely nothing is impossible for him who is WITH God.

And for you, your plans must change, you must start seeing big things and doing big things, the fear of failure is the reason you have been little in your plans and performance, it's time to launch big, let this mind be in you, the mind of possibilities. Nothing is bigger than the size of your heart, conceive it then you can recieve it.

There's absolutely no stopping you for all things are possible to you.

Let us PRAY

- Father, thank you for your plans for me, for I know they are good and not evil, to give me a hope and a future
- Father, I affirm that to him that believe all things are possible, Lord I believe!
- Father, I take on every mountain off influence connected to my purpose, there is no limitations around me in the name of Jesus
- Father, every limiting mindset, affecting my progress and realities, I cast them down now in the name of Jesus
- Father, I declare I am unstoppable, my advancement is possible, I am constantly progressing because I believe, in the name of Jesus
- Father, I step out to do big things, i erase every small thinking, small plans, for i can do all things through Christ Jesus
- Father, I am persuaded that everything you have promised me, You are well able to do, I believe and i receive them all in the name of Jesus
- Father, I call light out of every darkness around me, i call out possibilities out of every impossibilities around me, no darkness, no impossibilities thrives around me in the name of Jesus
- Father, I see as you see, i speak as you speak, no impossibilities with me because there's no impossibilities with You, in the name of Jesus
- Pray in the HolyGhost
- Thank God for answered prayers

Glory to God, what a time of prayers, we are blessed forever

Do join again tomorrow and if you have not been a part, make plans to join in.

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Password: 5sXHi4

Do have a beautiful Tuesday


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