*Friday, 14th August*


 READ: EXODUS 14:1-15

THEME VERSE(S): *Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage (Galatians 5:1)*

As a Christian, you are free from the bondage and captivity of the enemy. You are possessed by God. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Christ is in you not demons. Christ has set you free from captivity by His redemptive work at Calvary. The end of your captivity means the destruction of the enemies of your peace. The children of Israel went out from Egypt with boldness but Pharaoh and his servants pursued them. In the end, Pharaoh and all his servants were swallowed and consumed by the Red Sea.  

Again, the children of Israel were held captive in Babylon for seventy years. The Lord said; when the seventy years are fulfilled, I will punish the king of Babylon and his nation, the land of the Babylonians, for their guilt," declares the LORD, "and will make it desolate forever (Jeremiah 25:12). Similarly, you are not under any bondage. The end of your enemy is destruction. Stand firm in your liberty and refuse to be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.

The enemy will pursue you to destroy you but you need to stand fast in your liberty as a child of God. You need to boldly declare and confess that you are the redeemed of the Lord. You have the redemptive right to seek exemption from all spiritual attacks, yokes and bondages from the pit of hell. The enemy of your soul will do everything to discredit your testimony and relationship with your God. Refuse to bow to your feelings and all negative life circumstances.

When the children of Israel saw Pharaoh and his servants marching after them, they were afraid and cried to the Lord (Numbers 14:10-12). Listen! Do not walk in fear like the children of Israel. Do not doubt the ability of God because of your light affliction or temporary wilderness experience. Do not magnify your problems and be little your God. Stand on your grounds; denounce, renounce and revoke every evil verdict spoken against your life.  Resist the devil and he flee from you. Be steadfast in the faith. Stand fast and do not be entangled by the yoke of bondage.

May you walk in your perpetual freedom Christ bought for you and may you never be entangled by the yoke of bondage in Jesus Name.

*Praise God* *Be Empowered*

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