Mon, 17 August 2020
Pray with Pst Sam

Prayer Focus: Help cometh this Week
Is 50:7, 54:4, Heb 13:5-6, Ps 118:7-9

Praise God, it's a new week again and we rejoice in the Lord for His help in our lives. The Lord indeed has been faithful.

We are starting out today speaking forth the order for the week, shaping the week, creating the kind of realities we want throughout this week.

We are speaking forth help, that help comes to us each day of this week, we are mightily helped.

No man is self made in life, every life has been a product of contributions of helpers at different point in time in the life of the individual, you must be helped.

David lifted up his voice and cried "I will lift up my eyes to the hills from where comes my help, my help comes from the Lord..."

You need to look for help in right places to actually get the right help you need, and the bible points us to God has the right source of help we could ever need.

Except the Lord helps you are can't be helped
A man helped by God is the man surrounded by men to help him.

No man, no matter how well placed, wealthy they might be, they still need help.

God's help delivers you from shame, it silences the mouth of your adversaries.

He said "I will help you and you shall not be ashamed"

It is foolishness to think that it is weakness that makes a man cry out for help, wisdom is profitable to direct, knowing when help is needed is a reflection of wisdom.

Greatness seeks timely help, this week your help comes in the name of Jesus.

You shall not live as one without help, the Lord will help you.

The HolySpirit helps us, infact, Jesus called Him our helper, so, listen to him, be instructed, guided by His leadership.
Then God plants an helper in the life of every man called "wife", so treat her right, so helps can be multiplied to you from other aspects of life.


Let us PRAY

- Father, thank you for the blessing of a new week, I am blessed and I rejoice in you
- Father, thank you for the benefits of each day, loaded with your goodness, thank you Lord
- Father, I dedicate this week to you, lead the way, each plans is surrendered to you in the name of Jesus
- Father, help comes for me this week, I am not without help throughout this week in Jesus name
- Father, timely help, help in high places, voices of help arise for me all of the week in the name of Jesus
- Father, deliver me from shame by your help this week in the name of Jesus
- Father, I do not live in fear of any man, any situation for you are constantly with me to help.
- Father, that long awaited help comes through this week in the name of Jesus
- Father, you will make me a helper to someone this week in the name of Jesus
- Father, I release angels over this week, to prepare the week for me, angels are everywhere for me this week in Jesus name.
- Pray in the HolyGhost
- Thank God for answered prayers

Hallelujah! What a time we had praying this morning, help has come and we are forever changed.

See you tomorrow at 6:00am for another time of prayers on ZOOM cloud meeting

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Password: 5sXHi4⁣

Have a beautiful Monday


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