Word downloaded to me by the Spirit of the Lord and Everlasting God whilst wrestling this morning.

Children of God you must not tell people what their itching ears want to here, there has been a terrible out pouring of innocent blood on the land and the land is crying out for justice. I have had enough of the stench that has come up to me and I am coming swiftly to execute judgement. For to long blind guides have been leading my people a stray and have failed to warn the people to repent and turn back to God. God is sick of the witchcraft that some of his people are engaged in, using all manner of wickedness to seek riches, position, power and status for self and not caring about the abominations that they are committing under the guise, of professing to be Christians. You evil workers of iniquity are going to be judged, because for to long you have tarnished my church and people have reviled Christ, because of the bad witness you have been to the body of Christ. Get ready for I am coming quickly to judge the nations and people who brought a stain upon my name and upon the true church of Jesus Christ. Repent, repent before it is to late for you to snatched from the flames of fire. I the Lord has spoken.

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about 1 year

Amen Lord

about 1 year

So be it Lord