You have heard of the angel Gabriel and the angel Michael, but did you know that there's another kind of angel - earthly angels - as in "you." In the Bible the Hebrew word for "angel" is "malach"; in the Greek, it is "angelos." That's why in English, the word "evangelist," which has the word "angel" right in the middle. Both the Hebrew and Greek word for angel are used not just for heavenly beings, but for flesh and blood people - as in John the Baptist, called an "angelos," and Haggai, called a "malach". An angel is one who is a messenger of God, who carries forth the gospel. And that's exactly what you are to be. So how do you live an angelic life? Angels don't get paid on earth - they can't, they're working for heaven. They never seek earthly rewards since their employer is not man but God. Therefore, to live an angelic life you have to stop seeking praise from men, and blessings from earth. Seek your reward only from God and your blessing only from heaven. And you will be blessed from His heavenly payroll and your life will be angelic! Be blessed my beloved sister’s and brother’s in Christ 🙏🏽🙌🏽🔥

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