I saw myself in a dream touching lives of children where the devil had entered into their lives and these children had become known in their families, friends, communities as monster children, children you did not want to play with or interact or engage with. They children that created fear and most of people that came into these Childrens lives were afraid of them and seemed unable to help or deliver them from the evil presence that abode in them, because the demons inside them were too powerful and one could deliver them. But God, but God raised me up to stand up against the most powerful demon of that sibling group and was sent to heal, deliver and set free the main task master of the sibling group, and her brothers and sisters. The brothers and sisters were not as evil or as strong as the older sibling and this child was very demonically possessed and one could withstand her. But God had prepared me to confront the demon in this girl and it was so beautiful watch as God used me to be His vessel. I saw myself moving forward to the girl and stood in front of her and my presence prevented her from attacking people, although she tried to hit me. God had sent me to that particular family, friends and community of people to share the light, love and presence of God. God’s presence literally invaded that community like never before. The older girl attempted to destroy me, but she could touch me her fists just seemed bounce off me and her strength was being depleted after every attack against me and she felled under God’s awesome of love and presence in me. she was delivered and set free. It was so beautiful picture to watch God’s powerful presence destroy the evil demon within this girl and then I saw the real girl emerge and she was beautiful, joyful and totally changed. She asked why and told her that God loved her too much to let her remain under the yoke Satan’s bondage. I woke up in total awe of God and His great love for humanity and I had great peace and happiness.

Any thoughts on this dream would appreciated

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4 months

Thank you Oloruntobi. God bless you.

Ocansey Celestina
4 months

this is a very very good dream and I believe it is very straight forward to understand. The Lord has definitely called you to heal his children who are the GERMS AND THE PUZZLES of his plans for the future.

the demons who possessed these little children could see that they have a great destiny in God, so they thought to sabotage their destiny from childhood.

however God is sending you to those children as a DELIVERER and SAVIOR and they shall make great exploits for the kingdom of God.

loving these children and accepting them, not according to their present behaviour but according to their future and glorious destinies in Christ Is what shall unlock the powers that will cause you to minister true deliverance and enduring salvation to them.

god bless you sister and enjoy your day

Pstr Elizabeth Joel
4 months

Much needed in this season. Pray through to know your part in this most rewarding assignment.

4 months

Thank you for sharing. Maybe God wants to use you in this area with children. There are so many children bound and in captivity, both spiritually and physically. I pray God gives you the grace, strength and boldness to move into your destiny.