Managing your time wisely:

It’s essential for us to maintain our time wisely. Let’s not get too busy until we forget about the most critical thing spending time with GOD. Do not allow technology (Facebook, Twitter, Cell Phone, etc.) to dictate your availability. Technology has given people this “sense of entitlement” to have access to you at any given moment. And if you don’t respond to a text, Facebook messages or a telephone calls then there’s a problem. Allow me to provide you with a few pointers:

• Never allow people to manage your time
• Don’t be so available
• Respond in your timing-not theirs
• Always have time for GOD and your family

We must learn to quiet down and get in the presence of GOD. Put the telephone down, get off of Facebook/Twitter, and concentrate on the Love of your life (GOD). I don’t care how many scriptures I post and how much ministry I do—nothing takes the place of the presence of God (loving on him).

-Bernadette Washington

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about 1 year

@Bernadette Washington yess!

Bernadette Washington
about 1 year

@yomartin88 exactly. There is so much he wants to reveal to us in His presence.

about 1 year

@Bernadette Washington That’s the truth! I’m in agreement nothing like in HIS presence. If we’re always in the presence of a man or woman or Facebook ,Twitter ,Zoom , etc. you can begin to depend on them for a word instead of reading your word for yourself. And always wanted someone to pray for you when you can pray yourself. We have to balance it out. Getting in HIS presence for yourself there’s nothing else compared to it.