Stranger Things in 🇯🇲 Jamaica.
Let us pray for Jamaica. I hear the stern voice of God say : “Enough is Enough, since no one will listen to me I will make them listen!

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Orayne Williams
over 1 year

@Jaimejohanna woow! Thank you for sharing this and confirming the word that the Lord has been giving me. Glory be to God for speaking to your mother as well. Definitely pray and encourage her that her dream has been confirmed. Thank your for standing with me in prayer.🙏🏿🙏🏿God bless you and your mother.

over 1 year

My Mom lives in Jamaica has had a dream about Angels standing over the ocean looking out and she saw them looking seriously at the ocean. She felt that it was a possible Tsunami. Also as for that witch/ creature... my Mom told me that obeah/ witchcraft is sooo big in Jamaica, the police are finding demonic alters popping up all over the island. Plus the scammers are sacrificing family members for protection and wealth. There is alot of demonic this happening. I stand in agreement with your prayer in Jesus name Amen