I am fighting a battle here. I have been denied access to furthur a course. The Lord keeps telling me that it's gonna work out. But the situation keeps getting worse I feel like it is not gonna work out and the decision has been made. A brother needs a prayer here 🙏

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over 1 year

Praying for you.

over 1 year

If God tells you it's going to work out, then you should be saying "It's going to work out". We walk by faith not by what we see physically. And we believe and therefore speak.

over 1 year

I tell you relax in peace, because the Lord God that we serve is working on it even when it seems like He isn’t near, i promise He is there! It’s just a test to receive a greater testimony! Declare His promises over your life and shame the enemy for trying to rob you, God bless, Shalom!