This is the Word for you! The LORD said:

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12 months

Thank you very much....but i wanna say something....can u explain it for me plz??.....i had a dream...and in that dream i saw a long lost friend(she actually exists).....and then i ran to her like she's been dead or smthg(so weird😅).....and then,i hugged her while sobbing uncontrollably and she hugged me back, but while smiling and comforting me(the hug felt so real)....but then, a small bible scripture which said exactly those words you said "Fear not, for i am with you", the other words were flu and these words above are the ones which struck me in the head...and it warmed my heart to the point where i woke up while crying....but not knowing the reason why😂.....can you plz explain this to me?? u think it was a message from God or nah??🤍🤧