please read profiles and ask questions thoroughly before you start saying nonsense about What'sApp.

if you cant join me on it.... please pass by.

I don't have to prove myself of being genuine and if you go on google and search for Emmanuel Jeremiah will know more about me.

I know there are those taking advantage of What'sApp wrongly and it is not good, but it does not mean those who are genuine in their operation, should be judged with the rest.

why I use WhatsApp is because of genuinty, many uses accounts here and have another person's picture on it and not their real picture. so I do video calls on WhatsApp and calls, to let the person know who is talking to them and continue conversations on there. if you think its being deceived that will make you say all sought of negative talk on here about What'sApp, then you have been the most deceived of your time.

well I the open mind will relate with what I have said.

God bless You all

and if you want to know more about me slide into my DM and NOTE I will ask you for your WhatsApp Contact, mine is +2348105438684.

thank you!

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