The past couple days the enemy has tried to come at me with lies. Also could be my own mind screaming out in lack of understanding, "wait, no food for 21 days??". But the Lord is so graceful to me...
As I was praying in the Spirit, I randomly spoke in English, "I shall live and not die, I shall live and not die". And I know it's the Lord referencing to Psalm 118:17, "I shall live and not die, and proclaim all that the Lord has done for me".
Proclaim that over your life today, over your body, over your health, over your family, over your friends, over your co-workers.
You are a Kingdom warrior🔥🔥

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4 months

Hallelujah. praise God. This is so true. Thank you.

5 months

💕✨🔥Amen Amen.. and a lovely pic💕✨

Reuel Jewels Van Til
5 months

he conquered the grave and this world. no principality evil can stand against you anymore. for in believing in him his spirit is now in you. we are in God the father and son. with authority over all darkness. sisters you are hear before the throne and nothing you ask for in the spirit will be denied. his love is immeasurable and unfathomable but it abides in you. peace and grace be with you.

5 months

Amen sis forward we press on, we shall live and see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living🙏🔥💪❤️