Don’t Miss The Moments!!

I believe You know the ones.
Life can be overwhelming.
Uncertainty seems to be our new reality. You begin feeling insignificant,like your prayers aren't working for you. Relaxed it's your moment for God to turn what you deem insignificant into something extraordinary for you for your life to be beautiful than ever before.

We cannot allow the magnitude of our challenges to consume us.
It will steal the essence from your life if you're not careful.

Step back.

There is beauty of God all around you.
Its majestic, captivating and glorious.
There is joy, meaning and opportunity for you.

The blessings of God for you are abundant.
Don’t take anything for granted. Even if it's just 30seconds you pray. That 30seconds can change your life.

Life is precious. Your time is precious.
Embrace it all. You're the apple of God's eyes and the beauty of the body of Christ. 

Never let anything extinguish your light. Not even the daily sins you commit. Don't let it put out your light. Rather keep the faith and press on.

You’re capable, resilient and powerful because it's not by your power but the might of God that you have survive that challenge thus far

Believe the possible in your impossibilities. Our God is our impossibility specialist because with him everything is possible. I mean EVERYTHING.

Keep moving forward.

I pray God's peace,Grace, mercy and blessings over you. It is well with you for God is always with you all the way.

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Adesola Ajayi
about 1 month

Yes and Amen 2🙏 Our God is truly the impossibility specialist.