Have you ever experienced a time when your mind tells you it's way past your time to bathe but your nose hasn't registered your odour as yet because you've become desensitized to the aroma? Once you've cleaned up all of a sudden you can smell everyone/everything else that was around you and it is offensive as the kickback from a garbage truck passing at the end of a Friday evening.

Sometimes Christianity can be like that; you encounter the Saviour get cleaned up, get caught up in the sweet fragrance of God's presence and then all of a sudden like a blast from the past, everything and everyone that you were once quite comfortable with seems off putting.

Might I suggest you NOT turn up your nose and bring out the air-freshner comments like, "You need Jesus!" I have said that phrase quite a few times in jest but the truth is we ALL need Jesus and most persons already know it's time to get cleaned up. Instead you can go back to the same environment you came from and just be clean, smell inviting, and when someone asks you, "what is that fragrance" you just direct them to the living water, Christ Jesus.


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8 months

good word!!!! well pit

8 months

Amen . Good WordπŸ™