I have had some dreams whereby I stood up to my parents then I feared the consequences that were going to follow me from doing this. It shows that I'm not free from the law and I'm still living in fear of punishment. This is the same thing that happened to Adam and Eve. They feared punishment from God. So when God confronted them they started playing blame games. Most of the time Parents give their children the impression that they cannot stand against them because it is a disgrace to do such a thing. We don't live in condemnation anymore because we follow the spirit of life and Jesus has become a curse for us. Nobody can hurt you anymore. That's a reality. I just need to meditate on the fact that my parents can't hurt me anymore so far I'm in covenant with God.

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Sister Eve
6 months

@Shan Applegate amen.

6 months

@Shan Applegate amen!

Shan Applegate
6 months

I agree with you. I always say that the bible says “honour your parents so your days will be long” and the same bible says, “parents do not provoke your children to anger”. We all have a role to play and parents should not use their position of “birthing life” to abuse their power. As long as you play your role, no weapon that any one or parent forms against you shall prosper.