The prophet Sadu Sandar has released a prophesy saying that if we dont chose the right president God is going to judge America with water and fire. It is time that we consulted the Lord in these matters for those of you that are undecided pray for God to reveal the right one to you or you vote will bring you under agreement with the agenda of that person like abortion and gender choice

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8 months

Dear Sharon
Yes Prophet Sadhu( His prophecies are weighty) joins a whole host of Prophets on this warning and the Presidents role from Kim Clement in 2007, Lance Wallnau in 2015 with his revelation of The 45th President being Isaiah 45. ( not a coincidence right) Cyrus for the protection of Christian foundations, Mark Taylor etc and he still.speaking through many and to our hearts also. I'm not a US citizen but what happens with USA will affect us globally. Your President has many Intercessors. It is in obedience we pray and support. One Nation under God. Amen.

Queen Furia Sol
8 months

Be assured many have been praying against spiritual principalities re this matter to ensure Father's Will is released. Amen