Good morning sweet brothers and sisters in the Lord.
I have a question that has disturbed me.

Why do I see ppl saying Jesus is not Jewish Israeli, but Palestinian? Is this because of fighting territory in the area? If this is true, why is that being said? Is Bethlehem now a Palestinian area or something? Political or Social reasons? I’ve not known this distinction before. I also not sure I’ve seen the words Palestine in the Bible... although I know since the time of writing rulers and land territories have changed hands.

It seems to me there is this emerging need to identify Jesus as white or brown or support of His “oppressed” Human state to support one side or another. Does this link with Standpoint perspectives/theory regarding black and white/culture issues in the American Church (at least)?

The Bible truth is made for all ppl. All colors creeds and tongues. God came to save all of Humanity. Even if one is not black or white or whatever, we can all in some way understand in some basic level right and wrong, compassion, loving your neighbor even if you are not from a certain background. Otherwise, how can we hope and defend the word of God that we believe is for all the world or that Jesus came for all whom will believe in Him?

Can someone help shed light on this quandary? Thank you in advance and I ask got prayer in this area for truth and unity in the body of Christ. In Jesus name amen.

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about 1 year

@flowerlights this seems correct. This is what it seems to me also.

over 1 year

The American Church... the Western Church... people outside of the Church just tend to forget Jesus was born and raised in the Middle East in Bethlehem per the Bible.. you can't get confused by it unless you have some agenda.