Please pray for my son. He’s been in the hospital for two weeks and requires 2 transfusion of blood a day. They can’t figure how he’s losing blood..Pastor Joel is his name.

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almost 2 years

I have been diagnosed with liver cancer. Pray for a supernatural healing.

almost 2 years

praying for complete healing over your son in Jesus Name

almost 2 years

heavenly father we bless you we thank you for Dr Brown’s son, pastor joel.
forgive any sin, we cancel any legal hold and set him free.
we ask for the blood of jesus to be in his veins and the blood avail for him. in jesus name

almost 2 years

Father in the Name of Jesus I asked for divine acceleration healing for your son Pastor Joel. I ask the blood of Jesus flow from the crown of his head to the sole of his feet. Jesus the great physician and Balm of Gilded pour your oil of healing to soothe his body in Jesus Mighty Name.
Jer17:14 Heal Joel and he shall be heal save Joel and he shall be save for you are his praise
Amen and Amen.