I have no idea how to use this platform as I don’t have or use any social media. So I hope I get this right. I tried replying to a post and privately to no avail. I gave up and said oh well but the message weighed too heavily on me. It is in response to a dream that someone (Faylor) posted and this is what I will call an answer to that story.

This is very uncomfortable for me as I don’t like to speak up publicly and I don’t like to cause drama or division. I only want to speak what I hear. Here goes.

“You are comfortable resting in what you think and believe, for this room is your mind. There is a confidence and a comfort to what you have built up and believe but it is a false confidence which provides no lasting peace.

This produces what you believe is a righteous anger for a just cause, but it is not. It is a self righteous anger like that of Saul, who’s heart was zealous for God but who’s mind was held captive by the law.

You turn to the right because wants you to face the direction of uncomfortable opposition in your life. I’m told you know what that means and it may even stir up rejection of this word.

But wait!!!

The window is an opportunity that God is giving you to see what he is doing. Not to know what he is doing, but just to see.

For the curiosity as to why the water cannot enter, know this. The flood is the spirit of God that is being poured out on the earth. He desires to permeate and saturate every area of your life but will not force himself where he is not wanted.

To the confidence or security you may feel by being separated from the water, beware. Do not resist me for fear of where I will take you.

How long will you hold the clothes of those who tear down in the name of righteousness? How long will you raise the law of your heart over the love of my son? You seek justice over mercy and speak judgement in your heart against those I am calling back. Guilty is the verdict where the trial hasn’t begun. This is not my cry but the cry of the world.

For you have no right to the offenses committed as they are not yours but mine. Put down your club and pick up your cross. For I will be the judge and you will be my witness.

Mercy does not acquit, it restores. Love does not deny justice, it brings repentance. This is the cry of my heart. Again, do not resist me for fear of where I will take you.”

My apologies for taking so long to reply. There is more but not for this message.

Be well and God bless.

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