Recently, during this 21-day fast (I started 5 days later), I woke up one day and got up from my bed feeling so weak and hungry. It was so bad that I could not stand properly so I collapsed on my bed, thinking to myself that God should take my life. I wanted to break the fast there and then, I was even like "sorry Lord but I need to eat". But instead I prayed, I prayed for our Father's strength and as soon as I finished praying I was made well. Truly I say to you that the Lord is our strength. All praise to God our Father. Hallelujah.

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Ayokunle David
29 days

Praise God, my brother, Kingdom Juggernaut🙌🏿

29 days

happened to me yesterday, so close to the end. prayer DOES push back the pressures of our minds and physical components associated with fasting a righteous fast for the Lord. hallelujah for Jesus 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Faith Davina
30 days

Wow! We praise the Lord!