Last weekend was Lewisham
This weekend is Eltham,
The Gospel must be preached, then souls can be saved!


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about 1 month

greater grace upon your life, as you continue to focus on his work.blessings

about 1 month

@utibeukpe001: His grace is sufficient, God sent the Gospel to Nineveh through Jonah and it changed all things judgement averted, they received a new heart, sin flushed and God recognized. Theres no other tool other than this Gospel, we are priviledged to have the Gospel and the name of Jesus Christ.
God is been doing amazing things on the street. To God be all the Glory.
thanks friends. my 1st day on Rig Nation.

about 1 month

Good one sir. I believe this is one of the things the Lord is stressing at this time. The need to preach the Gospel and Get men saved.
There's alot coming on the world and one of the way out is to get men to know the Lord as saviour not just from sin but also from the troubles that would hit the world.
The more Righteous people lift up Holy hands in prayer, the greater the chances of God showing us mercy.
Keep at it sir

about 1 month

May God's grace empower you