"'IS THERE ANY SUCH THING AS ' ' #christian DRESSING'?"' (Part 1)

Dressing is the subject of this article. Please stop now and get a Bible. You must prove these things personally. Read each scripture and remember you will be asked about this too on judgement day. Don’t let anyone deceive you to think otherwise. So read up the passages. I hope to say that which I have learnt and where my own opinions are stated, I will point them out, as opposed to what God says directly which I will state without apology.
Purpose always reveals the proper way a thing is to be used. If you need to sip tea a little at a time, it only makes sense that you look for a spoon and not a fork. A fork was not made for the purpose of doing things like that. Gloves were not made to be worn on the feet neither are cars made to be driven around inside houses. Everything has a purpose and when it is not used correctly, it is called abuse (from abnormal use).
The devil (which means ‘deceiver’ while ‘satan’ means ‘adversary/enemy/opponent’) fights Gods plans by making us humans abuse the things He (God) has given us. A man wanting to sleep with another man is an abnormal use of a man. So is a person killing another to eat i.e. for food (cannibalism). It was never meant to be that another human serve as part of our dish! But it happens. In the professional world, a lawyers wig and gown are not to be worn in a hospital theatre, and neither should a doctor’s coat be worn in court. Doing it would be considered outrageous and non permissible. As a matter of fact, people will consider us mad. (A mad man is one who uses things in an abnormal way or in a way that most would be too embarrassed to, especially in the open: think about it.) To keep from abuse of things therefore, we must understand what they were made for! Always.
What were clothes originally made for? – As a covering for nakedness. God first introduced clothes for his image i.e. man.(Gen.3:21)If satan can make us forget what clothes are for, he has won another battle against us.
Clothes that don’t cover nakedness but rather expose it, are not serving God’s purposes. If it is too tight, it is exposing nakedness. The same goes for when it is too low, short, flimsy or transparent, clingy, etc. The big deal is not whether we wear trousers or skirts; the scriptures have no problem with that. From when trousers where introduced around the 6th century BC (before Jesus was born), men and women have been known to wear them. Trousers were always feminine wear in China and the Ottoman Empire where Turkey now is. And in other places too; it was only in Europe that it was associated with men. But before then, everyone wore a skirt-like dress or gown; male and female. Even in the time of the Old Testament, men wore clothes that were like skirts or gowns. As a matter of fact, the words used in Deut.22:5 for men and women dress, are different words! “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.” That “which pertains to a man” is the Hebrew word “ kelee” while “woman’s garment” is “simlaw”. “Kelee” refers to armour, instrument, weapon, etc; while “simlaw” simply refers to a cover, cloth, raiment.
I believe the point made in Deuteronomy 22:5 was to prevent a confusion of gender and the cross-dressing that is common among homosexuals. (Homosexuals like to try to appear like what they act like. E.g. in gay clubs and bars or relationships, one man usually tends to act like a woman with the other man so he will dress up like a woman. It is called transvestism. Women also do it). My opinion, based on what I believe to be the “spirit of the law”, is that God knew that since the nations that he was moving the Israelites into practiced things like this, His people would also be tempted to do the same so he wished to prevent it and warned them not to do any such thing. What I mean by the spirit of the law may be seen by looking at 1 Cor. 9:9-10. Then see Dt.25:4 where the law was given. Now the main point of that law in Deut. was being revealed here by the Spirit to be referring to ministers! The ox there referred to the labouring minister (oxen represent hard work) who was to find his sustenance in his vineyard. That was the spirit of that law. Looking at Dt.22:9-11 also would make no sense if you don’t see the spirit or real intention of why God gave it.
The law was a shadow of things to come. The real substance is revealed under the New Covenant/Testament. People miss the point of trousers because they miss the spirit of the law. Apart from that, ignorance also contributes because if trousers are the cultural dressing of women in some parts of the world, why do we call it men’s wear? Some say it is not “our” culture here in Nigeria. The problem with that argument is, neither is the shirt or blouse or skirt or trousers that we all wear! The cultures of the world are all mixed up! Today we dress like the English, Indians, Chinese, Russians, Thai, Scottish, etc,. We speak their languages, watch their programmes, read their books, etc.

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