'"IS THERE ANY SUCH THING AS ' #christian DRESSING'? "' (Part 2)

Some clear scriptures on dressing are found in 1Timothy 2:9-10 (Paul), 1 Peter 3:1-5 (Peter), Isaiah 3:16-24 (Isaiah). You have at least 3 witnesses in these three men. Between them and other scripture like Exodus 3:22, Genesis 24:22, 30, 53 and Hosea 2:13 (read them carefully first!) we can come to certain obvious conclusions:

The God who made gold, silver, and clothes, does not hate beautiful things on His people. He loves beauty. Just look around you at nature in its most pristine (untampered-with) state and you’ll see His love for beauty in everything from the sunrise and sunset to the birds, flowers, animals, etc,. Man was made to be like God and will naturally like beauty also but satan’s work is to destroy Gods work so if he can’t remove man’s love for beauty completely, he tries to twist and pervert it by redefining it. And he mostly twists it by making us use it out of time or context.(Rev.4:11; Eccl.3:11)

*E.g. why would someone scrape off a perfectly shaped eyebrow and draw in one instead? I mean naturally well shaped eyebrows. Or why would naturally lovely and red lips be covered with a grey unnatural looking lipstick? If the lips are discoloured or colourless, by all means redden it-no problem. But I mean, what of when God made it nice and reddish already? If you are already fair as an albino, do you use bleaching cream again? Or does someone that has paid school fees, pay a second time? We should only do what we need to. Make up was often used by older women as their beauty faded, so they “made up” for the loss. Most young women hardly need a thing because they are at the zenith of their beauty but they just follow the crowd and the world.

God directed or allowed His people to take and use gold, silver, and clothes. (Ex.3:21-22)

He gets offended when those things become an idol (Ex. 32:2-4; Gen. 35:2, 4; Isa 3:16-24; Hosea. 2:13) and so He takes it and destroys it while punishing His people for idolatry. [We are not to use what He gives us to please ourselves but rather as He pleases! Moses was up on the mountain getting instructions for how to build the dwelling place of God while the carnal people down there where using the temple material for their own pleasure. This is wrong but sadly what we do.] (What are we to do with idols? Get rid of them. Read the passages again.)

God wants us to use the gold, etc, to build HIM a (glorious house/temple/dwelling place. (Ex. 35:4-22) It is not for US AND OUR SELFISH INCLINATION TO USE ALL WE CAN ON OURSELVES! [Let me explain this a bit: the money and wealth that gold and stuff represent, is to be used to bring people into His house i.e. the church. WE are the temple (not one person but all of us together) and as we each bring of our substance and gifts, we ensure that God’s kingdom is established in the earth.]

5. Clothes were made for a covering. The ornamental, decorative part of clothes is therefore to be of secondary, not primary, consideration. The first (covering) is more important than the second (ornament). The things that we use to cover ourselves and decorate ourselves are to be used modestly and always in an effort to please God. And we must remember that the Old Testament contained the shadow of what was to come. We must understand the spirit of what was being said! Today our focus should be on putting gold and silver (Ps.19:7-10; Ps.12:6) on our spirits and our children’s spirits! THE WORD OF GOD is the treasure. Prov. 2:1-6; 3:13-15, 22. Where a man’s treasure is, there also will his heart be.(Lk.12:34) Is the word of God our greatest pursuit or is it money and how we appear to people? Many would not dress the way they do if not that they are trying to impress others. We should stay clean and pleasant but not in opposition to God’s word.
Back to clothes specifically. This is a greater problem for ladies because of the fact that beauty is a bigger thing for them. (That is why Paul, after speaking to the men in 1 Tim.2:8, now spoke to the women in verse 9.) There are other reasons too which we may discuss another day. But a simple rule in deciding what you may or may not wear as a Christian is: if it exposes what should be covered, don’t wear it. A low neckline or loosened buttons usually do nothing other than expose some part of the breast. A short skirt exposes the thighs when walking and exposes more than that when sitting while short blouses expose the stomach, back or underwear. A see-through dress shows the underwear of its wearer and a tight cloth whether blouse, (e.g. a body hug), skirt (e.g.Lycra material), trousers (including jeans and tight skirt suit pants!) or dress, expose the shape and figure so much sometimes it just appears that they are naked with skin the colour of the cloth. And exposed shoulders or backs (depending on how much material is missing) show a lot bare flesh.

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