7 More Years - Releasing A Dream of Encouragement

August 24th, 2020 @ 4:00AM PST

I was in a government building and there were government officials and employees all praying with their hands stretched out and this refined older woman with glasses was speaking to the people in the room (or multiple rooms) but and I witnessed her saying “this is the administration of Abraham Lincoln and this sector will be protected for the next 7 years.” I had my hand stretched out praying as well and I started to weep when the woman said that because my heart and prayer was genuinely invested in praying for this nation and I knew America would become destroyed under a democratic reign. I witness our corporate prayers has been answered by God.

Sector in her words meant government sector:

Google Definition: The government sector consists of the following resident institutional units: all units of central, state or local government; all social security funds at each level of government; all non-market non-profit institutions that are controlled and financed by government units.

Google Definition: The General government sector is subdivided into four subsectors: central government, state government, local government, and social security funds.

Long story short. Trump will get re-elected, but we have to pray and VOTE.

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