Part 2.

#Breaking_of_bread is getting more and more common, especially as people believe that once you partake in it, it's like an elixir primarily for healing and other magical qualities. So, as that has increased, pentecostals have increased in taking it.

Can it bring healing? Yes, absolutely, it does, but to make that the primary reason and I've explained often what breaking of bread is. It is you saying you and I are one; that's what it's saying. 'Common union' is from #Communion. Communion is common union; it's one loaf. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 10 that it's one loaf that was broken. It says "you are one loaf." That is, we are one loaf of bread. When it's broken into pieces and we each eat it, we each eat of it, all of us have partaken in the one loaf. In other words, we are brought together as one. Can you see? That's the spiritual significance. And the grace that is in each of us is supposed to spread out to all of us. It's a sacrament, a sacred act that Jesus inaugurated, similar to the Passover. In fact, he inaugurated it on the Passover day and he said "do this so you'll be a part of me."

In the Bible, it is often described as a meal, a real meal. They would eat food, people would be full. They would drink from the wine they brought till people would almost be drunk. Paul wrote to them in 1 Corinthians; he said, "what is this? You see that thing you all did, that's not the Lord's Table." Why? Because some people ate and were full and others didn't. Everybody was facing their side; "well this is what me and my family brought."

Obviously they would bring food from their different houses comprised mainly of bread and wine and eat together. So, breaking of bread goes beyond what we think of today. It was a meal, it's the act of coming. There might be the symbolic loaf we tear and eat but that general meal that they sat there... You remember Jesus celebrated Passover with his disciples? You have the impression there was only one slice of bread, one loaf (their loaf is flat and round). You think it was just that and one cup alone? There was a full meal but this is the symbolic thing Jesus inaugurated.

In a Passover meal, what are the three things that must be present? Bread, a lamb, bitter herbs. All those things must be there –a lamb, the Passover lamb, bread, bitter herbs and they put it and they eat.
Jesus was celebrating Passover so it means there was lamb in that meal but you don't hear him talk about it because as he was inaugurating his own as opposed to Moses' Passover inauguration, he said "do it in remembrance of me" and we are meant to.

Excerpt From Four Pillars Of The Church by Pastor Ita Udoh.

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