Part 3

That's the one everybody, not everybody – many churches in the western world, different places, don't pray much, they don't pray – in fact, why am I saying western world? Even here (Nigeria), they go,

"praise the Lord.
Everyone gather, our God is so good. Let the choir come up."

They somersault, jump, do cartwheels and then they go from that into this and that. The next thing is,

"Hallelujah, today I bring you a word all the way from above, into your heart, like a dove...."

And they go on and on,

"just stand to your feet, let's say a blessing."

They pray for twenty minutes, but don't have prayer meetings, seasons of prayer when they go for hours. It's mostly,
"Hallelujah. Just open your mouth, just declare. Amen. God bless you, see you next week," and it's over.

Prayer meetings are kept for a few old women meanwhile everybody should be praying constantly as the Spirit leads. Prayer should be our lifestyle, we should pray longer. We must have seasons, interspersed – the word and prayer; that's normal.

But there are the other kinds of churches that go,

"praise God. Open your Bible.
[The Pastor reads],
they that tarried long at the wine, they that go to seek me shall... Today, brethren I'd like to say that we must not tarry. Amen? Amen. Amen? Amen. Let's pray."

They pray for one hour and a half. Empty. That one is more popular in certain circles, yes? No word (scriptures: teaching and understanding). It's more like,

"Take down these scriptures: verse 5, verse 6, amen."

No word – wine without bread, but we know that there are some people that are doing each of these in some way.

Excerpt From Four Pillars Of The Church by Pastor It's Udoh.

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