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What is the one that seems to be very hard to find? Koinonia. #koinonia is explained there in the next verse or two. Koinonia is hard; all of these are difficult but koinonia is almost harder. See Acts 2 verse 44, this is koinonia, sharing, fellowship.
"Now all the believers were together and had everything in common."
[That's koinonia.]

"So they sold their possessions and property and distributed the proceeds to all, as anyone had a need.

I told you this word occurs 18 times in the New testament. Sometimes when you read it, you don't see fellowship, you see participation, you see sharing; it's the same word.

In those places they couldn't put fellowship, because it wouldn't have made sense. When the Bible says in Philippians 3 "... that I might know him and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his suffering, " that's the word– "and the koinonia of his suffering;" "and the sharing in his suffering." Then you understand what Paul meant when he said that in his body he fills up the sufferings of Christ. Do you understand? That is how.

Listen, you don't just share goodies, you share in suffering. That's what he meant when he said" mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice."

#Sharing— they shared all things, they had everything in common. Can you imagine a church like this, a church that has everything in common? Do you even know what that means? Everybody shared what they had, they'd bring things and share together

Our sister in Owerri[Nigeria], where she worships with a church group called the house fellowship church, beautiful idea they have in the area of sharing, wonderful. Some churches are strong in one and weak in other things. A healthy church should be strong in all. She said and I was so excited to hear it. They have people send food, people send things, even those that are not at home, that had left home, that are far away, children that are grown up. They keep foodstuffs, they keep tissues, they keep stuff. If you don't have, in the store of that church group, you can go in and take. Isn't that lovely? So they just keep it and one could go and you know... "I need to take 10 cups of rice, I need to take 20 cups because we need food. "

Now the only thing you need there is #humility, right? Of course if you're greedy, well,God forgive you. May an Angel not slap your head. Because you may save money, thinking "there are some clothes I want to buy, so I'm feeding from church".
I'll just remind you God is watching you. If you like. That's how you buy a clothe, you get home, you haven't worn it and iron burns it. You'll know God does not like that kind of thing.

But the truth is, that's an example of how it should be because sometimes people don't need food, they need money to pay school fees or something. But these are the things that the church must come to do.

They had all things in common. The Bible says they'd take it and give to the leadership who would distribute according to the need. You can go to chapter 4 of the book of Acts also, you'll see the same thing repeated for more details: they took it, they sold it when needed. The proceeds was distributed as anyone had need. They didn't take it and say "everybody, we sold something. Everybody take 5,000." That's not what happened. Have you seen that kind of giving before, where people give equally? That's not Godly giving. Godly giving goes to need, that's godly giving.

"Alright, so those that have a need, meet..."

This is what we've talked about often. This is the way it's meant to be. Those are the four legs of the church. This is how the church was meant to be, the church was meant to share what they have amongst themselves through the leadership.

That's Christianity. It is this church that the devil cannot fight successfully, it's this kind of church, not a selfish church where you keep coming out to say,

"brethren praise the Lord. Well...uhmm, I know the last time I stood here last year, I spoke about what God has been doing with us as a family. I and my lovely, precious wife and amazing kids will just love to bless the Lord. Last time I stood here, I spoke about how we were able to acquire a vehicle for use, you know. Lagos is rough. I was able to get a Hummer for myself and my wife is driving our Land Cruiser but I want to say that God has enabled us to get a Hummer Jeep."

You see, the brain doesn't go to, "there are needy people in the church. It goes to focusing all on...

You won't understand participation, fellowship till you understand that what you have is for you and the body of Christ. That's the concept of participation, this is how you stay free of mammon.

Excerpt From The Four Pillars Of The Church By Pastor Ita Udoh."

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