29th September 2020
Personal Prayer

Fight Without Fear!

While I was rounding up prayers for one of my brethren, I felt beings around the room. At first I thought they were angels because one sat at the edge of the sofa where I sleep and another dressed like an admiral, looked at me and had a soft smile. He, the angel was slowly bringing his hand towards me. I noticed I began to feel weary and tired (and I wanted to pray); then I heard, "Test the spirits". Then I smiled and said, "I refuse to interact with beings not from the Father". Suddenly, the admiral's eyes burned with rage and the angel, who I now realized was bad, got angry, had sharp triangular teeth and tried to slash me but it couldn't. It felt like I was in a bubble that seemed impenetrable.

Then I saw other ugly looking creatures around the room. I was terrified and noticed the bubble began to lose its hardness as I got scared and I was getting cold. Then I began to pray fervently till I didn't feel them anymore.

Then I saw the Lord Jesus leading an army, everyone was marching in line with ropes on their hands all linked to the Lord. I had the impression of the kind of people in Joel 2. He would blow the shofar and the people would respond with a war cry. Then I saw them marching to a tower. This tower was eerie and there, I saw three people standing at the top of the tower; a man with a bloody mouth, a woman dressed in a tight long gown arrayed with gold ornaments, long gold metal nails and a cup (of blood) in her hand, then a man that did not look like a man (with a goat’s head but a hairy man-like body). Then on their heads appeared Balaam - False prophet; Jezebel - Babylon; and the last one, I didn’t see his name but I had the impression that he represented the devil. The Lord and His army marched forward without fear. Then these bad people let out their own soldiers. These men looked like zombies but from their dressings, which had rotted, you could tell that these men were royalties, and they were plenteous, more than the Lord’s side (or so it would seem).

Then people from the Lord’s side went to fight the zombies. They shot arrows to the image of the false prophet. He came down to fight and was killed almost immediately. The same thing was done to the image of Babylon, and she came down to fight. She was pretty strong, and it was quite a long fight between her and the Lord’s army. I noticed that as she fought the army, if she slashed anyone on the hand or leg or any part of the body, it would start to rot till he becomes like one of the zombies, and he becomes bad. I also saw some soldiers who noticed that she had slashed them cut off the part slashed and continued fighting. I saw one whose hand she slashed. It began to rot and I saw him run to another soldier who helped him cut it off to prevent the spread, and they both went back to fight. Eventually, she was defeated (it looked as if she was mutilated/cut up). Then I saw the goat-headed man snort and run into the tower.

Then I saw the Lord, who was watching on all along with the final batch, signal to the last batch to go and take him down. I noticed that the last batch were children and they screamed carrying their weapons and ran into the tower to capture the creature. I also noticed that they glowed (it seemed that they were all strengthened by the Lord and their angels).


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