It's thanksgiving sunday, here's my thanksgiving poem.

My heart is indeed inditing a winsome matter
To the Object of my affection
The One to whom my soul sings
Your promises, they warm my heart
Like sweet nothings, yet tangible and alive
Your kiss, your love, your warm embrace
Sweeter than eros, more precious than philia
Beautiful in my situations, the joy of my life
Unfolding the many-faced realities of your love
This reality that I am loved
Is more profound than science's greatest invention
My heart both whispers and exclaims: THANK YOU

How I sing and dance to you with all of my soul
Ah, but You first rejoiced and danced over me With singing and gladness
I am your replica, your seed!
Scintillating for You in this present darkness
For you are proud of me
Eager to hear me call you Father

Soar on the wings of my praise
You're the most beautiful I have ever seen
You bring tears to my ears, yet joy to my soul
What a loving contrast you are
The Lion, the Shepherd and the Lamb
Righteous in judgement, yet rich in mercy
Both Father and Mother
Bright Star that shines at morn
Lord and King, yet Father and Friend
Ever the gentleman who knocks, yet jealous for my heart
No other pleasure beats the pleasure of Your company
In your arms I am held
On your palms I am tatooed
At your breasts I am nourished
And on your mind I ever remain


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almost 2 years

Allelujia!Allelujia! To the Lord King of Kings and Lord of Lords.