December 22nd 2019

As I prayed for the youths of Nigeria — I think at the point I prayed for them to be awakened and see themselves the way God does — I saw two huge beings in the sky above the nation. One was full of light [he was an angelic prince], and he was at a point which I had the impression was the South Pole. The huge branches of a tree were hanging over him like a canopy/umbrella. I had the impression that the tree was there to shield/hide him for a while. I don’t think I have ever seen one in my life, but I had the impression that the branches of the tree were that of an Oak tree.

The other being was so full of darkness that it was very difficult even to make out the outline of his figure. He was directly opposite the angelic prince, but at the other far end, which according to my impression, would be the North Pole. This dark figure was also a Prince — but a demonic one.

Now, these two huge beings [they stood about 7 to 8 feet tall] would soon engage in a battle that was part of a bigger war. But they could not yet engage until it was the right time.
I saw that each of them had in a bowl in his hands, and as I prayed, I saw that prayer went up into the bowl of the angelic prince like white smoke. Trickles of white smoke were also entering the bowl from other places. The bowl was about 3/4 [three quarters] full of white smoke.
Now, I saw that black smoke was filling the bowl of the demonic prince as well. When I first saw his own bowl, the black smoke was about 1/3 [one third] full; but the next time I had a glance at it, it was like I was seeing the smoke multiply itself within the bowl — and with such an awful speed! Suddenly, it was about five sixths [5/6] full. There was no way to explain the exponential increase of the black smoke in the bowl. The black smoke which was trickling in from the nation could not suffice for such exponential increase.
How could this be? And it seemed that the prince whose bowl was filled first would be the one to initiate the battle, and would most likely have the upper hand. I began to understand that while the black smoke represented the prayers of those who were saints unto the Devil directly, the multiplying effect was due to the indirect prayers of the blind and stubborn members of the Church who have become worshippers of the devil without knowing it. They have become devil worshippers by their mouths, their actions, their refusing to admit their ignorance and thus adamantly choosing for to fight for the wrong cause.

-- Bro. S.E.

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