This question will not be so preeminent in our hearts when we understand God's big picture; the plan of the ages, the time of the restoration of all things, when justice will be done, when mountains will be made low and valleys will be exalted. Until we understand these things, we will still ask…

"If everyone has a purpose, then what about the people who were killed in the Rwandan genocide?"
“What about all the people that were killed in all the world wars? Why did their lives have to be wasted”
“What about the children that were born and died before they were a week old, after being carried full term by their mothers? Why did they have to be born if they were going to end up dying so young?”
“What about the seeming senseless deaths that abound worldwide? Why does God allow all of that?”
These questions abound in different shapes and forms. They can all be subsumed in one…

Many people have questions like these. These questions will be answered in very sufficient ways when we understand God's big picture. When we ask about a particular event like the Rwandan genocide (which took place in 1994, and in 3 months, an estimated 800000 people were slaughtered), we should know that the Rwandan genocide is not special in anyway. Worse genocides have occurred throughout the ages. Why? What is behind such events? I think it's very plain that sin is behind it. This is why when God says that you should not do something, you should not do it. It should be obvious to any serious follower of Jesus who is paying attention: the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.)

One of our human problems is the inability to take the fault for our actions, the inability to acknowledge that things do not occur totally independently of themselves. That means that my actions, even right now in answering this question, or my failure to do so, will have consequences. If I refuse to answer the question, it could be due to selfishness or because I feel that it doesn't deserve an answer; or depending on who is asking, I may feel that someone needs to do better homework and pay better attention. On the other hand, love can drive me to make an effort.

In a very real, large cosmic sense, God is doing things in the earth to demonstrate His heart and mind, not just to mankind, but also to other parts of His creation that we are unaware of. We must acknowledge that actions carry consequences and the consequences don't affect us alone. If our parents misbehave or act wrongly, or their parents act wrongly, or the Governor of their state or their boss in the office misbehaves, there would be a ripple effect on other people. That's the reality. This is the same way a righteous act leads to a ripple effect. If a government official spends money making good roads, or to provide electricity, everybody is happier. There are consequences of actions.

(To be continued)

– Pastor Ita Udoh
24th September, 2020

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