No Scripture was Ever breathed by God to support a man's message. Topic driven teaching often encourages the minister's, "search for supporting Scripture."But Scriptures don't exist to support the minister's topic or sermon. There might be a Fundamental Flaw in thinking Right There!

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25 days

I agree with you man of God. As ministers, it our responsibility to deliver to the people a now Word. Therefore, it's our duty to seek the face of the Lord, regardless of what we've been studying, to hear the Father's heart as to what He wants delivered to the people. It's wrong of us to try to humanly determine what is spiritually needed. Seeking the Father's heart must done consistently and continually. Love RIG Nation.

Pastor Emmanuel Jeremiah
25 days

@africanscry Amen ma...thank you!

25 days

Good morning from the US Son, just reading your post for this Monday morning probably Monday evening for youšŸ‘ I must say, I'm very proud of what you have POURED ALIGNMENT...What the spirit is guiding you to this platformšŸ„° may you continue to be endowed with power, revelation, šŸ”„and elevationšŸ„°

25 days

Amen to that. Our message should BE the word and not a topic ā€œderived fromā€ the word.