I don’t know if I dreamed this because the last thing I did before going to sleep was watch a couple of videos on the US elections. I’m From South Africa...

I dreamed about being on the beach and then a huge Tsunami type wave hit the beach. The water was brownish and dirty.

Then I dreamed being somewhere near or in the White House and there were a lot of chaos. Pres. Trump was running and I think he was trying to take cover. I also dreamed while also trying to run away I started to bleed and quickly had to change my pants.

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ilecia Adams
19 days

@Kelvin i do have a good relationship with God. I get a lot of prophetic dreams. It’s all still new to me though. Getting dreams about other people where God used to just speak to me about me.

19 days

How's your relationship with God...
Because it's clear God is speaking to you, which means, you'll have to intercede for that nation. But, you cannot approach God to intercede for a nation when your relationship with Him is not an established one.