I had a dream this morning, in it I saw myself in a car &as d car was moving I kept looking at the surrounding to get a glimpse of where I was, I saw a a street tagged/named Jerusalem and before I knew it the car stopped at a bus-stop automatically and I got down. I noticed the road was crowded with lots of people (different nationalities) as I was still surprised, I hear the opening of another car at my back and d sound of heels, immediately I started moving until I got to a big compound, I saw different sections/rooms with people dressed in graduation wear with joy, I was confused where to go until the voice with the heels told me to keep moving as we are going to the same class, I keep moving until I found myself in the right room dressed like the rest of the graduates, I was still trying to figure out what the graduation is about when I woke up... I would appreciate anyone's help with the interpretation. thanks

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Sequoia for Christ
about 1 year

Very much Talking about heaven and the New Jerusalem, The graduation could only mean Passing the Test into the Kingdom

Mary-J Thomas
about 1 year


about 1 year

thanks sis.

Pam Cee
about 1 year

Hi sister @Omotee when I read your dream I felt strongly that the dream is talking about Heaven. The dream also aligns with the scriptures in the bible . Revelation chapter 7 verse 9 explains why you saw a lot of people and of different nationalities too. I believe that graduation signifies success or victory in the heavenly race because people only graduate if they pass a course, but in this case the graduation is showing that you were successful in the heavenly race. The different sections or rooms you saw may signify the different categories or heavenly rewards or roles assigned based on rewards. Jerusalem is very significant in your dream as the bible tells us that the holy city Jerusalem will come down from heaven and we will all live with God in Jerusalem. I suggest you read Revelation chapter 7:9, it explains that. The bible speaks about the new Jerusalem in Revelation chapter 21 there is going to be a new heaven and a new earth. Go and read Revelation chapter 21. I suggest you seek God like never before and pray without ceasing. ask God to give you the wisdom , patience and faith to endure to the end because the path that leads to heaven is not an easy path and not many will find it (Matthew 7:14) . God bless you sister and I hope this helps you