Charlie Shamp released this word on October 22nd. Saints Pray!!!!!

The Keystone State | Prophet Charlie Shamp

I heard the Lord say, “Watch Pennsylvania, yes watch and see what I will do. I say to the intercessors, stand as watchers and as pillars of the state and pray Pennsylvania through in the election for it will be the key that opens the flood gate for the nation to be delivered from destruction. For America hangs in the balance and I have placed upon the shoulders of this state the key to victory that will close the door to the enemy that seeks to destroy the land of liberty. I say look and see, I have laid a keystone within you America, yes a tested stone, a white stone, a precious cornerstone state, a sure foundation where the bell of liberty will ring once again. I will cause a sound to ring out from you, a sound of Triumph from my Trumpet. For you are my Key Stone that I have set in the hand of the church to take down the giant in this hour. The giant that seeks to devour this nation, but he will fall and his body will cause the ground to quake in the city of brotherly love. Yes the ground will quake in the city founded by the quakers. I will shake Pennsylvania by my power and corruption will surface for all to see, but the one who believes will be unshakable, the one I have set in place will not be moved.“

-Prophet Charlie Shamp

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4 months

Thank you Jesus...yyyyyyeeeeessssss I knew it. I felt an uncommon uprising of an ancestral principality of racism and murder in our state but mostly in my city (Philly). The Lord showed me a seraphim on the land and instructed us to plead the Blood over Jesus over Philly. So plz join me in doing so 🤗

4 months

@Alleycia I remember. God is faithful!!!!

4 months

Yes let continue to pray 🙏🏽🙏🏽 for Pennsylvania. GOD had given me vision of the liberty bell 🔔 during our prayer time with Carol a couple of weeks ago and he has called for a great reset back to ancient foundations, where one Nation is under and submitted to GOD. Let freedom Ring as Pennsylvania swings from death back to life in the mighty name of JESUS Christ.

4 months

Praying 🙏🏾

4 months

Yes!!! Pray over Pennsylvania 💓💓

Pstr Elizabeth Joel
4 months

Amen. We remain standing Lord!🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾

4 months

God bless PCS 😊