Join us today at 6pm WAT. Victory coupled with Gratitude all the way this November!!! You’re alive! You’re hale & hearty! You look behind you, and you can see how God has delivered you and your household from the snare of the Fowler!! You can stand and testify that God has been faithful, despite the pandemic!!! it’s time to sing the ‘Victory Song!!! It’s time to do the ‘Victory Dance’!! Join me this Wednesday 4th November @ 6pm by clicking the link below, or join us on Facebook Live @ Debola Atoyebi. Meeting ID: 859 8113 8911 Passcode: 178662 #VictoryInJesus #IAlsoTestify #MyCupRunnethOver #MyVictorySongIsLoud #MyVictoryDanceIsNow #JoinMeInPraisingGod #VictoryAssured #JehovahBePraised #Iamlifted

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4 months

WAT is West African Time which is also Nigerian time. I will be sure to be more specific next time. Thank you very much.

Malaika Ekei
4 months

6pm what? Nigerian time or USA time? Please it’s important to state location time so we don’t miss it. Shalom.