My similarities with Jesus:
Jesus brought a superior message from God that God is love and desires a relationship with man. I am sent to bring good news of God’s love for man.
Jesus gets ministered to by angels. I am ministered to by angels at Jesus’s command.
Jesus cast out demons. I have been given power to cast out demons.
Jesus heals the sick. He has given me the anointing to heal the sick
Jesus is the cornerstone stone. I am a living stone
Jesus is heir of God. I am joint heir with Jesus.
Jesus upholds all things by the power of His word. I have been given authority to decree and declare with my mouth His words.
Jesus is the Light of the world. I shine as light.
Jesus is righteous. I am made righteousness.
Jesus is in heaven. My citizenship is of heaven.
All who have received Jesus as Lord and saviour have so much in common with Christ. Don’t forget who you are for any reason and do not settle for less than you are. Go for GOLD!

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phoebe Ugabi
6 months

@Edidiong Obott . Good question. Even God had to severally tell His people Isreal not to forget Him as the only true God and worship other gods. We see they forgot God many times because they forgot that they were a special people to God. They forgot they were chosen and called out as a nation and a poeple for God. We too can forget that we have been bought with the precious blood of Jesus and live in ways that do not glorify God. When we live for our selves without dying to self we forget that we do not own ourselves any more. So dear brother don't forget because of the present circumstances that you have been redeemed and there is no more condemnation to you. Don't forget that you are fearfully made. Don't forget who you are- king unto our God. If you want to study the Bible with me Join me on zoom.

Edidiong Obott
6 months

how does someone forgets who he is

phoebe Ugabi
6 months

@myrnaluvs2 Amen

6 months

Thank you really needed this today.