Prophecy has been taken to lightly by many in this day and age. Hearing the voice of God, and speaking it to His Church, is never a light matters. There are many voices out there. A true prophet, that hears the Lord Jesus, must seek the confirmation of what he hears. The true prophet must always check himself making sure he is not speaking his own mind. And, we should all help prophets with any concerns upon our hearts.

I believe all of us in the body of Christ have failed our prophets, and we must help to restore them.

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9 months

I have not noticed anyone weighing a word. However, a word from God is not conditional unless God says it’s conditioned upon some behavior. The test of a word from God is that it come to pass.

9 months

Prophecy can be actualised if we pray but it’s not the prophets responsibility to bring it to fruition.
We are all called to hear from God in our secret place. We are a prophet to ourselves! Let’s not wait to hear from God from a prophet, but seek to hear God for ourselves, it takes a lot of self discipline but it’s the Fathers heart to speak to each of us individually. Imagine if we all seemed to hear from God, what a great confirmation and faith building campaign! Imagine how many people would give their hearts to Christ, seeing that lots of us are hearing the same thing!
Love from me!

Elizabeth Joel
9 months

Most seasoned prophets weigh it with others before releasing it. There are also conditions attached in some cases and we see in scripture where prophecies changed when the recipient repented/pleaded his case. I.e Ahab, Hezekiah. We still need to wage war with prophecy otherwise it remains on paper only. God's part and our responsibility. Going after every tried and proven prophet on social media is an ungodly act.