Shalom everyone. I keep having a recurring dream that I'm in school sometimes my old high school and sometimes my old college but I'm late for a class. It's the only one I'm ever late for. I want to say the class has to do with social studies or some kind of social science class. At first I'm showing up and doing all the work but then I get so behind in class work I just end up giving up on the class. I've had these dreams for well over 2 years but I cannot seem to understand what this means. Thank you

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6 months

Thank you for the insight and information. GOD BLESS

6 months

It could also be representing a spirit of limitation (i.e you are being kept in 'high school' instead of progressing. Especially if these dreams tend to come up when you are expecting some progress, promotion, breakthrough. Check out Minister LA Ewing's teaching on this

6 months

If the dream is recurrent then it’s definitely something God wants you to do and it’s bound to happen. (Pharaoh had the same dream twice but in different forms - the interpretation was the same) I don’t know what you do, but if it’s also always a social studies or social science class, then God cannot be clearer. I believe God has been trying to prepare you for a social assignment for your community or your nation that you really need to get before Him and begin to ask for clarity on what exactly He’s asking you to do. There’s definitely an assignment in that area.

6 months

Hi dalynnp. Since this is recurring, this is something God is really trying to get you to understand. You start out doing well but then you keep giving up in a certain area of testing. Most times God is testing us without us even knowing it. Apparently there is no shortcut here. The area of testing is probably personal to you so I won’t speculate about what that may be. This is a process. You do SOME of the work then slack off. You have to endure until the end and finish well. It is in you. You can do this.