@Tomi Arayomi, I had a dream that I was in a huge empty building that had only a wash hand basin and I heard a voice saying I should open the tap, to which I did, and blood started flowing out instead of water as I came out of the building I met Apostle Tomi Arayomi standing outside the building, he started talking and walking then a very steep hill just appeared infront of us to climb, Apostle Tomi just walked on the hill very easy and fast, he got to the top in no time before me, he started cheering and encouraging me from the top to keep climbing and don't look down, I listened to him, took me some time but I got to the top, lay down on the ground crying and thanking God for helping me climb the hill cause it was tough and Apostle Tomi started clapping, and glorifying God as well, then I woke up.

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6 months

you're about to reach breakthroughs and God is using Apostle Tomi to help you and guide you. obedience

6 months

Excellent dream