I am about to audit media, and I am about to audit government for their lies, and shout to Hollywood that their mountain is but a noise.

2020 shall be known as the year of the Lone Wolf Terrorist. As government figures point their fingers at each other it will incite a spirit of offense in lone wolf actors to act upon chief cities. I am raising up watchmen of the cities again. The bulwarks of New York, reinforce your borders, and put your nation in amber alert, for your enemy is coming with great wrath yet the Lord will stir up revival in her midst.”

In his final term, president, I hear the enemy say, “Not another Trump!” For the Lord says, “I desire not just the presidency, but a dynasty. If you will pray, just as I lived out my legacy in My Son, I will raise up an inheritance in the United States that will bring it into a new golden age.

And then he shall say, ‘Ah ha! I knew it! The president always wanted to be a king.’ But I will expose their hypocrisy and call for an end to an old political elite era, and establishment of a new era.”

I saw a boomerang, and the Spirit of God says, “2020 will be known as the year of the boomerang. Your enemy did not know that the noose Haman built for Mordecai was set up as the same noose that I hanged Haman on. I will uncover, and I will expose, and I will put under arrest those who set themselves in secret to plot and to conspire and you will know that Psalms 2 will be fulfilled in your hearing.”

Why do the heathen conspire, and plot a vain thing?

“2020 I will separate the theory from the conspiracy, and there shall be facts behind suspicions that will justify the many who will also set the record straight.

I saw a phoenix that was locked down, as though it was tied down. When God said, “A phoenix,” I saw a prison system, and the Lord said, “The phoenix shall rise again, and the opening of many prison doors shall come forth in 2020.”

From Tomi Arayomi’s National Prophecy for America
(January 25, 2020)

I believe we are about to see the fulfillment of all these things.

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Hallelujahhhh Amen!!!!!!!

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Thank you @Jordan Cook for this transcript.

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GLORY BE TO GOD!!! Tary in prayer 🙏🏼🙏🏼✝️🇺🇸

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Praise God!!!!!!

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