A watchman without a bell is just a spectator! #selah

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@yolanda we sit back and import world culture into the church and sometimes compete with them.

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@TobeyMaguire a watchman’s job is to keep a look out for enemies, and warn those of those of any invaders. However, if a watchman is not doing his job, he merely is spectating

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A bell indeed

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@Tomi Arayomi About 4 or 5 years ago my daughter who is now 20 had a dream that Church Bells were going off. In the dream she said we (her, myself and my two sons) grabbed cases of water and food and were running and a guy we knew picked us up and took us to our home town. She said that the church bells were still going off. She said we went to the community center and when we walked in everyone was eating and laughing and having a good time But it seemed like we were the only ones who were aware of the church bells going off. She told me the dream scared her, I felt like it was a warning for the church to prepare. I’m not were I need to be but I’m praying for GOD to teach me so that I me and my family may be used to tear down the kingdom of darkness. When my kids were elementary kids they saw and could hear things even feel things. But my daughter by far has the most dreams. Keep her in prayer for GOD TO USE HER MIGHTILY AS WELL AS MY SONS AND GRANDDAUGHTER!!! They are WARRIORS

Lynn B
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bell ringers in church called people to prayer. city bell ringers gave the local news with a precursor of Olay Ola olay. they were also used to warn of Impending danger. Similarly one cannot be a watchman in the kingdom without giving warning of good or evil

Sheila D
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@yolanda thanks for sharing

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@Tomi Arayomi
I prayed as you asked after yesterday s prayer and here what I received :

God showed me the number 6 and how easy it has been for the enemy through distraction to turn it around so that the world would see a 9.
The thief act like a magician focusing your attention on one hand while the other one is in action playing the trick without the crowd noticing anything.
it is as easy for God to expose all that and reverse the situation but not like the illusionist through a hiding act but throughout the power of the Spirit.
From the gravity center of the number 6 How easy it is and requires no strength to push a little bit on it from the top for it to turn into a 9 and how much more strength it is required from that gravity center of the number 9 to push it from the bottom to turn it in a number 6.
I can see this number turn around back to a 6 but the Spiritual strength that will be required to make that change needs to be activated and perpetually working into to the same direction until the number is overturned (the number 9 overturned into 6 and the numbers of vote overturned from democrats to republicans)
It is given to the righteous so the truth can be exposed but it requires an effort.

The push needs to be in the same direction, if 2 strength are willing to push to return it but one is pushing from the right and the other from the left nothing will move even if the strength and effort is activated.
this is why we still need to pray all together under the instructions of one.... to push in the same direction (this is for the believers being inlighted by God).
we also have to fight an opposing force from our own house, people that have their eyes shut down through their flesh and who let their flesh speak rather than the Spirit of God. We need to pray for them so that they will open their eyes and start praying for the truth to be revealed and exposed rather than their own desire of victory for their candidate.
We need to pray for their heart to seek truth and justice rather than the desire of their flesh for what they believe is best just like when Israel was asking for a king being foolish and not aware that they had the King of Kings for them.

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Aight, I'll get a big cow bell at Wal-Mart tomorrow! 😁

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@TobeyMaguire think bell tower. In the middle of the town or the bell is loud enough to warn even those far off. 🙂

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In medieval times it was customary that a watchman would ring bells to alert the people of a threat. According to recent estimates, there are over 2 billion professing Christians in the world today. If each one of us took seriously our call to be watchmen the ringing of our bells would cumulatively shake the foundations of the earth… and yet we are silent. We watch as societies search for meaning only to devalue into immoral pursuits. We watch as our families crumble and we watch as individuals turn away from the Living God.

Queen Furia Sol
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A watchman has to to warn people when danger is coming.. The bell would be useful 🙏

Tomi Arayomi
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@kar1337 the bell is the place where enough people hear your warning!

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greetings tomi could you explain what that means?

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What does the Bell signify?