There are wolves here in sheep clothing. I know you, you are a bit subtle, creating distrust among people on this app. You take a scripture out of context and them use the same scripture to smear Christians in this group. You think you are wise. You think you understand God so much that you speak for him. You are slowly becoming an accuser of the saint. You are not trying to prove a point, that won’t be a problem if you are. But you imposing your ideas in the most passive-aggressive manner.

Continue you won’t last long in this state of manipulation.

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about 1 year

Yes! And the pride! My goodness! There are some people here who do not display anything spoken of from Galatians 5:22-23. We will know them by their fruits. Praying God changes their hearts.

about 1 year

Yes I have noticed many wolves come out on this app since the U.S. election debacle. But they are being exposed. Praise God!!!

about 1 year

God bless you for calling it out 🙏🏾 I noticed too